Maja Vujinovic

Founder and a CEO of OGroup

Maja Vujinovic has over seventeen years of global experience as a corporate strategist, entrepreneur, executive and investor. She is a founder and a CEO of OGroup, an investment and advisory firm that helps clients integrate and navigate new technology tools and their impact on the current business models, functioning as an insourced Chief Innovation officer.

In her previous role at General Electric she was a former Chief Innovation Officer of Emerging Technology working cross functionally with every business unit to identify strategic gaps in existing business models. She drove company-wide digital transformation and revenue growth by closing gaps in trade finance, corporate treasury, supply chain and IoT, uncovering billions of dollars of trapped cash and creating more streamlined business processes and its effect on the workforce. Maja has been a catalyst for the Future of Work concept across GE which she used to drive the adoption and integration of Digital University for the training of GE’s 380,000 person workforce in new digital tools. 

Ms. Vujinovic started her career in Africa and Latin America where she lived and worked for over 7 years in mobile/payments technology and private equity, building energy and health care businesses. She took early interest in Bitcoin in 2011 leading her to invest and become recognized expert in Bitcoin and blockchain technology.  

She also advises, connects and collaborates with numerous technology start-ups, investors, entrepreneurs and single and multi-family offices globally, helping them navigate and invest in emerging technologies.  

Ms. Vujinovic is a sought-after advisor and thought leader, she regularly presents to elite members of the business community such as Bilderberg Group, the Bretton Woods Conference, Abundance 360, the Milken Institute, and at Davos. She also on the board of CoinDesk and in recognition of her expertise in mobile payments and decentralized network, was invited to participate in Satoshi’s roundtable where she has been a long-standing contributor.