Short DigiTalks with startups: Nikola Yanev, Eleven Ventures

22 April

DigitalK is one of the leading European events on digital transformation and for 9 years has been a must gathering for C-level business professionals, inspiring entrepreneurs and owners of various scale companies in Bulgaria. Our ecosystem welcomes hundreds of innovative minds and holds a special place for starting businesses. We are inviting them to the short DigiTalks series - our way of showing how digital makes a difference. But don't just take our word for it.



Eleven Ventures provides support, network, and venture capital for high-growth startups. They are a pre-seed and seed VC based in Sofia, Bulgaria with focus on early stage companies in Southeast Europe. Nikola Yanev, Marketing Manager at Eleven Ventures, answers our 3 questions today.


What’s your first thought when you hear the word “digital transformation”?


My first thought when I hear "digital transformation" is:

1. This is something necessery, but;

2. Something which should be well tough-through


What’s the superpower of your business/role?


My personal superpower is communicating complex topics in a simplified human matter.


What value does DigitalK bring to you?


I think the biggest value which Digitalk brings to me is actually an indirect one. It is the value it brings to the startup community in Bulgaria. All of the high-profile guests, from different nationalities, bringing diverse expertise and knowledge, forming meaningful discussions of what the future holds for us - all of them leave their positive mark on Bulgaria and advance the growth of our digital ecosystem.



Elevent Ventures chose to stay ahead and are attending DigitalK Conference 2019. Join them and hundreds more on your journey to digital transformation!


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